This picture was taken back in January, on my back porch. I didn’t really have another good picture to post today, I worked all day and didn’t take any pictures. I forgot to cut my hair again today, I seriously need to do that tomorrow. My first day back at work was pretty good, I remembered everything even with that nine month hiatus, so I was able to jump right back in and do anything in the store, even the water testing and equipment repairs.

Talking about ads online. I really don’t like advertisements all over the interwebs, but I do concede that they are necessary for most websites to stay up. However, ads today are so annoying and so (vulgar, imposing, I don’t know) that most of us take it upon ourselves to install adblock first thing when we install firefox. This is great except for the issue that if everybody used adblock there would be no money in advertising, and the internet would no longer be commercially free. (I dont think this would be that bad actually, I like the web-2.0 collaborative free-time donation model the internet is slowly becoming, but, ) This would get rid of so many of our favorite sites, that we would have to just deal with it and not have those websites for awhile. But anyway, not all ads are so annoying that we have to block them. Google’s text ads I actually enjoy quite often. The google content ads will either have good relevant links to similar websites, or such obscure references that you can’t avoid clicking them just to see what the page is about. These ads usually match the color scheme of the website, and are not at all imposing. They also aren’t ambiguous to the point where we can’t distinguish between content and ads.

But these ads, along with all the bad ones, are blocked by the adblock firefox extension (if you subscribe to the EasyList subscription, which nearly everyone does). When I went to unblock these ads, in order to continue supporting my favorite websites, I remembered that google does not only do these nice relevant text ads, but also the annoying image ads that can contain punching monkies, flashing graphics, moving things, and generally annoying stuff. So I had to ask on the adblock forums about how to unblock only the text ads and continue blocking the graphical advertisements.

in short, here is how to unblock Google’s AdSense Text ads (and nothing else!) :

  • Open AdBlock Preferences
  • Add a filter with the text:

that’s it. Yes it is a lot simpler than it seems, but that filter works just fine. in case anyone didn’t know, adding “@@” to the front of an adblock filter means “allow”. If you want to write yor own adblock filters there is a good guide here: but I really suggest learning regular expressions if you want to get into anything more advanced (not just for adblock, regular expressions are amazing any time you want to search.)

Also, I would like you to ignore the ad at the bottom of this post. I know it is annoying, and badly placed, and it stands out, and I will be moving it to the bottom of the sidebar tomorrow (after I cut my hair. and maybe dye my hair again depending on the colour after I cut it. )

“Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.” -Thomas Szasz


Post script: I have 116 unread items in my Google Reader feed catcher… dang. I haven’t been reading my feeds very much the last week… add something else to my moleskine list…