Well I have been taking a lot of pictures the last few weeks, and have never posted them. This includes two take-apart guides, and mostly just a bunch of pictures of clouds and plants. I will post the disassemblies in their own posts. All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone’s camera, the phone is a Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon). All of that information is in the metatags. Be careful reading the whole post if you are on narrowband, as there are 25 images in this post.

First, here are a couple of pictures of the mountain that my house is on (where I live is still inside a housing development, so it is severely grated, but I am at the top of said housing development area.)

Just for the times when the internet is slow, I’m putting the more tag here. To read the rest of the post, please either click the title of the post, or the link right after this.

And here are random pictures I have taken at Leslie’s Pools. This first picture is a giant floating pokeball that captures all of your beverages.

And here is an interesting picture. We were very slow and someone had returned a submersible pump. So, I decided to take the whole thing apart. I was talking with the other employees and not really thinking while I did it, and ended up taking off the top casing, forgetting that pumps like these are completely submerged in machine oil so that they don’t burn up or ever need to be greased. As such, I ended up spilling 16 oz of machine oil all over the back shop counter. I believe this picture was taken after about 10 minutes of cleaning, and you can still see a pool of it… Thankfully the pump was nearly brand new and the machine oil did not yet smell bad.
Has anyone ever seen an artichoke plant ever flower before? I did not even know they did flower, I just thought the part we ate counted as the flower…

A Blue Screen of Death that occurred at work on the computer at my desk while it was idling. Oh Microsoft Windows, how your software haunts me.

This one is the lamp in my bedroom. I don’t know why, but while I was sitting on the floor fixing the macbook pro I thought this view looked kind of cool. It is an ikea lamp with my bed’s headrest showing at the bottom left, and the grey walls in my room with the random black stripes.

This eyedropper was stained by Noodler’s Black Ink. Not the bulletproof or polar ink, but extremely permanent ink nonetheless. I eventually got it off the glass with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, but most inks drip to the bottom of this eyedropper immediately, and I don’t even have to rinse it out with water sometimes! I use this ink as a part of my signature ink mixture.

Here are some pictures of clouds and a double-rainbow we had the other day. These first two pictures are the only ones in this series that have not been colour-corrected on the computer. (they look better in their natural colors)

And here are some fireworks (remember all of these pictures were taken with a camera phone and not a real digital camera, so even marginally poor fireworks pictures I find pretty amazing)

And again, more clouds. (Monsson season is about to begin, so there might be a lot of these. Monsoons are awesome)