Thinkpad fan control is an open source program for Linux (Ubuntu specifically) which monitors your laptop temperatures and fan speeds. It can be used to speed up/ slow down the fans for temperature or noise control, and can even shut off the fans completely if you wish to destroy your laptop. I have been using version 0.82 of this program ever since I got my laptop, and today when I was backing up my files I saw the 0.82 deb and wondered if there was a new version. There is, and there is also an Launchpad (kind of like Sourceforge, but for Ubuntu and better) repository for the program. So I do not really know how well this program has progressed since version 0.82 (current is 0.92) as I am writing this while I do it.

If you want more information on Thinkpad Fan Control (tp-fan) before installing it, check out it’s Launchpad page at and it’s homepage at

If you want to install tp-fan and get automatic updates through Ubuntu’s update manager then follow the following instructions. If you don’t, just download and install the .deb at

and the obligatory warning from the author:

The Install:
First step is to install the Launchpad repository for tp-fan. Do this the graphical way by going to System > Administration > Software Sources
and then the “Third-Party Software” tab. Click add and paste in:
deb hardy main

Then press “Close” and “Reload” when it asks you.

Then open a terminal and enter
sudo apt-get install tpfand tpfand-profiles tpfan-admin

and enter “y” when it asks you to install these without verification (it asks these because they are not official Ubuntu packages)

To use the program go to
System > Administration > Thinkpad Fan Control

again, be VERY CAREFUL using this program if you turn off anything. All I ever really use this for is to turn all the fans up to 100% if my laptop starts to get hot, but most of the time I leave it on hardware controlled as that does a pretty good job. (As a note, turning all the sensors to 100% for me lowered all of the temps about 9 degrees C after a little while.