there are a few tweaks in firefox’s advanced configuration (about:config) that I always have  to do to get it to work the way I like it to.  Here are the ones that I have done this time:

Go to about:config, click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

gfx.color_management.enabled  set to true   Enables “color profile” making pictures look better in firefox.

layout.spellcheckDefault set to “2”  Makes it so that spellcheck works in all text boxes, including ones with only one line.

browser.blink_allowed set to false  Makes sure that any websites with the horrible evil < blink > tag do not work. set to true  This makes the search bar at the top right corner open your searches in a new tab.

middlemouse.paste set to false  This makes it so that the middle mouse button’s click does not act as “paste” in firefox.

I also move all of the back/forward/reload, address bar, and search box to the top line, remove the “edit” menu, and move “preferences” to “tools” using the addon “Menu Editor”