I forgot to mention this the day it actually  got posted, but my review of the ATP EarthDrive is available now at http://maximumcpu.net.

I can’t post the full review here due to the draconian publishing agreement that Nick forces on his review slaves, but here is what I can say:

The EarthDrive is a biodegradeble USB flash drive.  I liked the drive, it is very small, waterproof, pretty sturdy (except for it’s glossy finish) and fun to take apart.

The EarthDrive Dissected and Still Working

The EarthDrive Dissected and Still Working

here is the official excerpt, and a link to the full review:


The ATP Earth Drive is a “green” option in the realm of previously environmentally harmful computer accessories. It wasn’t too long ago that nearly every component of computers was fulled with toxins that could potentially hurt the planet if not disposed of properly. This USB flash drive compensates for these with a biodegradable PLA (a kind of plastic that can be made from corn) plastic casing, and a very small form factor. The components of the flash media are completely encapsulated, like one of the coin-sized flash drives or a micro SD card, so the flash drive is water and dust-proof, and it is resistant to some physical trauma. ATP also donates a portion of all EarthDrive sales to American Forests, which plants trees.

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