Two weekends ago included a small family reunion (my grandfather’s 80th birthday party), which involved 20 people staying in my house (surprisingly, not uncomfortable at all), an interesting time at the new(er) arrowhead Melting Pot, and one of my brothers and I finally tailoring a few of our shirts.

The first thing I did was remove the collar from two shirts.  These were completely worn out, and since I still do laundry at home (moving into my apartment, with laundry, in 3 days!) my mother throws out/donates anything she sees that is  damaged.

thus is the penance for wearing stiff collars. closeup!

So, with my admiration for the Mandarin Collar (although I’ve probably only ever seen a handful), and with motivation from a recent post on Free-Man, the offending fabric was ripped out, and the seam was stitched back shut.

still has some pinholes and threads, needs to be washed.

The collar was removed on three shirts.

I then finally went and took in two shirts, my first being the purple checked shirt that I posted earlier. ( I have no good photos of the results. )

One shirt which had the collar damaged also had worn out cuffs, and was also too large.  That one got converted to a shirt-sleeved shirt, collar removed, and fitted.

Since that weekend I have altered at least 5 shirts, and repaired one pair of jeans (replaced/repaired the back pocket, re-sewed the seam since it was coming apart.