I saw on the news that the Tempe Town Lake’s dam had broken, but I didn’t realise that meant it was empty until I rode the light rail to work and saw it.  Once I started my tests at work, I ran back over to the lake and took some pictures.  It turns out you can climb down into the lake pretty easily now, so once I get my other camera’s battery charged, I should have some amazing pictures.

Here is a rough draft panorama I took this morning with the canon PowerShot A590 and CHDK.


This picture is resized to 50%, and it was cropped.  There are empty areas where I didn’t take pictures by mistake, but I was in a hurry.  I could also work on the projection a little, I think it should be flat in the middle and curved more on the edges.  I think I will climb further down for the next one as well.