Worried about becoming a hipster, I feel the only way to save myself (and the future!) is to record a list of some of the things I did today (the list may not be in chronological order). Hopefully future generations will find this log and find some cure to this horrible ailment.

This began the first day of my project cataloging photographically the places where the homeless sleep at night.  Most of the places I have noticed, or people have pointed out to me over the past few years have been fairly consistent, and they have some similarities.  At best, the project might help some of these people, and at the very least the project will be an interesting way to document a very real part of Tempe that many people would rather just ignore.

I went to the local indie coffeebar (Cartel Coffee Lab) no fewer than two times today, once to read for a little while before work, and the second time to hang out with chase and discuss potential art exhibits, which segues well into the next item–

Discussed and came with a ridiculous number of theoretical potential art projects, concept albums, performance art pieces, and exhibitions.

While at work, I performed RBS simulation on materials so obscure you probably haven’t heard of them (I couldn’t even figure out what some of the layer structures were…)

Went to Zia records twice, once to look for some particular records, and, not finding any, returning later to browse the 7″ vinyl with Chase to see if there is anything I might want that I hadn’t planned on. I ended up with a 45 of The Kinks (containing Rats and Apeman),  a British Sea Power 45 with “Please Stand Up” and “Gale Warnings in Viking North”,  and a CD of The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band recording of “Peyton on Patton”, which is a tribute to the influential Delta Blues musician, Charley Patton.

After the coffeebar and the record shop, we went to the Tempe Farmers Market, and I picked up a few local organic Pink Lady apples (the best kind), and a lactose-free cheese (!?) that I had never heard of, and the guy running the store could not describe it as anything other than “you know, its very cheesey… like, it tastes a lot like cheese” (this description only furthered my interest).  The cheese in question is a Vlaskaas from “Beemster”, which is apparently a relatively new kind of dutch cheese, very soft, and tastes both sweet and sharp at the same time.

Additional photographs may include one of a train stopped for seemingly no reason, the inside of a (mostly) empty warehouse (housing only a table and chairs, and a boat), and a short 90 second video of a train and subsequently a light rail train passing by in opposite directions.