Things I Want to Learn in College

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So I’ve been in college for  three years already, but there are still lots of classes I have not been able to take, and may never get a chance to take.  I am going to stay and get at least a PhD, so I don’t think that I’m completely out of time yet, but I definitely do not have time to complete all of these during my undergraduate years.  Here is a short list of things that I have not yet learned.

  1. Math
  2. Photography
  3. Jewelry design/manufacture
  4. Web Design (PHP/CSS)
  5. Programming (Python, Perl, or another interpreted language)
  6. Cryptography
  7. Wilderness Survival
  8. Natural Materials (wood, stone)
  9. Glass-blowing

Not really things for me to learn in college, but I also need to learn an instrument, and some form of art…

This is an old post, from March 7 that I have no clue why I did not post. I changed “almost 2.5 years” to “three years” in the first sentence, and added glass-blowing (there is a class on that here!)

another ridiculous dream

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this one is fairly incoherent, it took me awhile to put what happened in the right order when I woke up, and it still doesn’t make much sense.  Here is what I wrote down right when I woke up:

another crazy dream

I was working in an NSA retail store (?) on a busy street in a large city (NY?) high cielings, nondescript carpet, a few conference tables around the room, and sometimes we sold clothes.  A few stores down was a CIA store where a bunch of gadget nerds (like Q in bond movies?) worked one  guy with glasses, short curly black hair was named robert or patrick.  NSA & CIA constantly played tricks on each other, stealing things, etc, but were still friends.  a weird gypsey came in to buy clothes (?) and we gave her a job.  she freaked out about something, so they fired her.  I was over at the CIA store to play a prank on them once, tried to steal a fiberoptic camera, but the security alarm went off.  I hung out there for awhile chatting with them, and the gypsey lady came in. she was browsing the clothes, and I thought she might steal something. She had elaborate long gold scisors, and I thought she would stab me with them, they said yeah probably because I was sometimes a smug/prick, and was always too nice/happy about everything (citing the time I once gave everyone I consiter my friend a penny).  she snuck a brown scarf with beige tassles onto my shoulders (I wouldn’t set off the alarms if I walked out with this?) but I noticed and threw it to robert and told her she would ring him up (after I passed the sensors). she got crazy mad, pulled out her scisors and chased me, so I ran out of the store and she chased me back toward the NSA store on a fairly uncrowded sidewalk (cloudy or hazy day). that is all.

This was after some pretty fitful sleep, I went to bed at  midnight, but my roomates kept me up past 2 with loud TV, then my roomate came into the room and watched family guy on his iPod even later, and then it was my typical sleeping problems, I woke up at 4:00AM, couldn’t get back to sleep, and eventually just decided to write this down at 6:00 (waking up my roomate with my laptop screen’s light and typing noise lol, I totally did not mean to do that).

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