a poem composed by my phone’s autosuggest function, and, by proxy, myself.

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this piece demanded absolutely no effort on my part, and was only peripherally written by myself.  It is licensed under the newest creative commons license out there which allows you to do whatever the heck you want with it. thank you.

Tailoring My Clothes

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I decided a couple of months ago that I need a new wardrobe.  Most of my clothes are between four and six years old (that puts them at me having purchased them in middle school or freshman year of high school), so they are fraying and old and frankly never fit me well to begin with.  The last one is something I’ve always had trouble with, clothes never seem to fit me properly…

Anyway, until I can afford the the time and monetary cost that  are associated with an entire new set of clothes (hopefully sometime this summer), I decided to take another look at what I do have.   One thing I found was that I have a more than a few clothes that I never wear just because of how terribly they fit.

The most logical solution for this is simply, to make those clothes fit me. Since using a tailor invokes costs that I am ill-prepared to deal with (and also because I don’t know any that I trust), this will have to involve me learning how to adjust my own clothes. I am fairly confident is my sewing abilities, although I haven’t used a sewing machine in… quite awhile, but I hope I can make up for that in precision and caution (for great justice).

So, after spending quite a long time on the internet reading just about everything I can about the art of shirt-making and adjusting and tailoring (I really mean quite awhile, and I really mean “everything.” be warned when I get interested in something, it gets intense.), I decided to pin and measure a few of my shirts for adjusting.  (ridiculously-long sentence that somehow works when read out loud–check.)

So here is one of the shirts that does not fit (as a consequence I only wear this when it is the only thing clean) which was pinned and measured today to see if/how it would work.

This is what the shirt looks like on me unmodified.

So, I turned the shirt inside-out and started pinning it, when I realized that I only have three pins and two sewing needles in my dorm (this will have to be rectified when I move into the apartment…). I ended up using binder clips, then ran out of those, and had to resort to paperclips.  I ended up using four paperclips on each side (I did not want to mix pinning methods, although in hindsight that seems kind of silly) so this is not as clean as the real stitch will look (or even as it will look pinned properly), and there is a large fold visible on the side.

Much better, right? Then next time we can work on me getting some proper lighting for photographs (I will be moved out of this bat cave in one week!).

Now, I am seriously planning on doing this as soon as I get home for the summer (Friday), but for now, this is just another one of my crazy ideas and as such, it affords the “Quixotic” tag.  Anyone who reads this, hold me to my intentions so I can remove that accursed tag.



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so I just  looked and on the Ubuntu website, they will soon offer an “Ubuntu Engineer” certification.  The certification will require a LPIC level 1 certification, which is “Junior Level Linux Professional” certification (http://www.lpi.org).  In addition to the two LPIC-1 tests, an “Ubuntu Certified Engineer” must also pass another test covering Ubuntu-specific tasks.

Since about 8th grade I have been interested in becoming “A+” certified, but never got around to it.  I think I could have done it and at one point I actually studied for it and did extremely well on an online practice test I found. But  now that I see this certification, I think i’d like to try for LPIC and “Ubuntu Engineer” certifications.  After looking over the subject list on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EngineerCertification/LPIC1Objectives  and on http://www.lpi.org/en/lpi/english/certification/the_lpic_program , I believe I know about 80% of the material covered in the test. (Some of the tasks I have never performed myself, but I know how to do similar things.  This might get kind of expensive, especially since I’m not really looking to do anything with my certification except to have it… The Ubuntu test itself is $100, and I can’tfind how much the 101 and 102 LPIC tests cost.  so who knows, maybe I won’t ever take it, but I sure would like to.

I have some quote from the paris peace conference to put here, but I don’t have my moleskine within reach so I’ll put it in another post today.


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