Installing RUMP/Genplot in Linux! (finally)

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My research requires that I use Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy to analyze samples at least a few times a week.  I use this amazing technique to characterize multilayer samples, and regularly get information such as: composition by layer, contaminants present, layer thickness/structure, and crystallinity.  There is a powerful (albeit command line) software package available for analyzing these files, called RUMP/Genplot, but it has so far been only available for Windows. (well it was “available” for Linux, DOS, and OS/2, but the professor who wrote it never responded to my emails requesting a Linux copy).
Anyway, I was very pleased to learn recently that the program has gone from a paid license, to being completely free.  Even more recently, they posted the source filename (previously completely hidden) with a note that an experienced user should be able to find the file.   This meant that I could perform data analysis on my own computer, and not have to run down to the iBeam lab every time i wanted to re-check some results!
Well, needless to say, I finally managed to get RUMP/Genplot for RBS analysis compiled on Linux, I suspect it will work the same way on OSX, Solaris, or any of the exotic UNIX variants that the program is compatible with.

first, download the source code tarball at:

(the filename might have to be updated with future versions)

if the user is on a mac, they need to install Xcode first (free, form the apple app store ).  any *NIX distribution should already have a c compiler installed.

due to the nature of the makefiles, you have to copy it to the “home” user directory, not any downloads directory, so in the terminal, cd to the downloads directory, then;  (note, the $ preceding each line indicates that this line is to be entered into the terminal, it is not a command itself)

$  mv ./cgs32j.tar.gz ~/cgs32j.tar.gz
move to the main user directory
$  cd ~/
then unzip

$ tar -xzf cgs32j.tar.gz

then move into the new directory
$  cd ./cgs

now you need to choose the correct makefile for your operating system.

$  ls

will output a list of the files in the directory.  makelnx is “Makefile for Linux”  and makeosx is “makefile for OSX”

choosing the makefile for your system,  run it using make -f.  the -f flag allows you to choose a particular file, otherwise “make” will be confused by the multiple files available

$  make -f makelnx

wait for that to finish, then as long as it ends with “leaving directory[…]”  and does not spit out any errors, its done.
The program is all command line, so it must be launched from the terminal each time,  to launch, open a terminal, cd to the ~/cgs/bin directory and start it using:
$  ./rump

then you can use the program as normal.

sweet!  maybe now i’ll write a “getting started with RUMP/GENPLOT” article, since learning basic analysis is horrible.

Dorm room.

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So I moved into my dorm last wednesday, and I think I have it pretty well set up now.  I still have a few things left to do, but here are some pictures of my room.

Here is a picture of pretty much everything that I brought with me to school.  The only things not included in the picture are my laptop, and everything that I carry on my person.

Above is my room before I moved anything in or moved around any of the furniture.

Above this is my desk after moving in.  Because I didn’t bring much, I was able to fit everything into drawers. I have since moved the plants off of my desk (they were right by the ionic air purifier, which lets out enough ozone to hurt the plants) and moved them to the other side of the room.  They get more sun over there anyway.

And this picture is of the view off of the balcony.  I know it looks pretty bad, but at least it is a balcony, and there is a little bit of a better view to the left and right of the camera’s viewing area.


More Picage

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I have a few more pictures I took at ASU in the time period since my last photo post. Here are some of my favorite pictures ive taken using my phone:

one picture of the secret garden in west hall.
another picture of the secret garden in west hall
A tree with purple flowers outside the ECG Building PlazaThe same tree pictured abovethe It\'s Yours Take It manefesto, nailgunned to a building by salvation army
a panda graffiti\'d near the IYTI manefesto on salvation army bldgalways resycle! (seen in the MU)

mouseover the pictures for their captions.

Tentative Schedule

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Here is my tentative schedule for next semester (fall 2008). I still need to add one more class, it needs to be a humanities/ social behavior class or a math/science elective… why does an engineering major not meet the “science elective” requirement??? weird.

Phy 131 LEC – University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism (3 Units)
Nbr: 77250
MoWeFr 2:00PM – 2:50PM
Loc: Physical Science F 173 (Tempe)
DAN 194 – 1029 Special Topics
Phy 131 REC (0 Units)
Nbr: 85621
Mo 12:55PM – 1:45PM
Loc: Physical Science H 355 (Tempe)

Phy 132 LAB (1 Unit)
Nbr: 82128
Th 9:50AM – 11:45AM
Loc: Physical Science H 364 (Tempe)

MAT 267 – Calculus for Engineers III (3 Units)
Nbr: 79672
MoWeFr 12:55PM – 1:45PM
Loc: Durham Lang & Lit 241 (Tempe)

MSE 215 – Materials Synthesis (3 Units)
Nbr: 76377
TuTh 3:00PM – 4:15PM
Loc: Discovery Hall 181 (Tempe)

BME 111 – Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems (3 Units)
Nbr: 72314
TuTh 1:30PM – 2:45PM
Loc: Discovery Hall 150 (Tempe)
Prof: Peter Steinmetz,
William Phillips

DAN 194 – Special Topics
Nbr: 81727
MoWe 5:00PM – 6:30PM
Loc: Phys Ed Bldg East 192 (Tempe)

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