Dorm room.

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So I moved into my dorm last wednesday, and I think I have it pretty well set up now.  I still have a few things left to do, but here are some pictures of my room.

Here is a picture of pretty much everything that I brought with me to school.  The only things not included in the picture are my laptop, and everything that I carry on my person.

Above is my room before I moved anything in or moved around any of the furniture.

Above this is my desk after moving in.  Because I didn’t bring much, I was able to fit everything into drawers. I have since moved the plants off of my desk (they were right by the ionic air purifier, which lets out enough ozone to hurt the plants) and moved them to the other side of the room.  They get more sun over there anyway.

And this picture is of the view off of the balcony.  I know it looks pretty bad, but at least it is a balcony, and there is a little bit of a better view to the left and right of the camera’s viewing area.


Monday Morning Photo Post

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Well I have been taking a lot of pictures the last few weeks, and have never posted them. This includes two take-apart guides, and mostly just a bunch of pictures of clouds and plants. I will post the disassemblies in their own posts. All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone’s camera, the phone is a Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon). All of that information is in the metatags. Be careful reading the whole post if you are on narrowband, as there are 25 images in this post.

First, here are a couple of pictures of the mountain that my house is on (where I live is still inside a housing development, so it is severely grated, but I am at the top of said housing development area.)

Just for the times when the internet is slow, I’m putting the more tag here. To read the rest of the post, please either click the title of the post, or the link right after this. Read More »

More Picage

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I have a few more pictures I took at ASU in the time period since my last photo post. Here are some of my favorite pictures ive taken using my phone:

one picture of the secret garden in west hall.
another picture of the secret garden in west hall
A tree with purple flowers outside the ECG Building PlazaThe same tree pictured abovethe It\'s Yours Take It manefesto, nailgunned to a building by salvation army
a panda graffiti\'d near the IYTI manefesto on salvation army bldgalways resycle! (seen in the MU)

mouseover the pictures for their captions.

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