RiData SSD Review

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I just posted a review of the RiData Ultra-S Plus 128 GB 2.5″ laptop SSD over at MaximumCPU.net.

I can’t post the whole review here because of the publishing agreement (hey, at least I get to play with cool stuff like laptop SSDs!) but here is the intro and a link:


RiData released a line of SSD drives called the Ultra-S Plus. This series of drives was announced at CES this year, (how did I miss that booth?) and they claim it is much faster than many of the other MLC drives available today.


OpenSolaris (2008.05) on the Lenovo X61Tablet

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I just installed OpenSolaris version 2008.05 (not the newest, the cd was given out at the ASULUG Installfest by an OpenSolaris rep) because I wanted to see how I like it. I am looking for another, lighter opperating system to supplement Ubuntu, and this is one of the first ones I have tried (SimplyMEPIS was my first test, but the newest version didn’t agree with me). Anyway, here is my first impression:

again, this is OpenSolaris 2008.05, NOT the newest version, 2008.11. I did not realize this was the old one until I had started installing it already.

I like Gnome, this is an improvement from that java desktop environment that I tried awhile back. I really did not like Solaris 10 when I tried that, mostly because of the desktop environment.

On the thinkpad x61t out of the box:

wifi works
the the trackpoint (mouse) works fine (no middle-mouse scroll, but not even ubuntu has that down OOTB)
sound DOES NOT work
tablet DOES NOT work.

the dock, with the CD drive, does work.
brightness adjustment does not work
none of the FN keys work (brightness, hibernate, sleep, lock, wireless radio)
bluetooth and wifi are stuck on (I don’t want Bluetooth on but I do want wifi…)
anything using the videocard seems to crash it.

I am currently updating the current version before I go through the upgrade process to 2008.11 version. Upgrading is not straightforward in this version, but it will be in the next version.

here are my problems with the OS itself:

device driver manager doesn’t open (I think that means there aren’t any device drivers found)
changing the visual effects settings to normal or high crashes the computer.
and I would also like to point out that the download for the updates is extremely slow, and it’s not on my end. (on ASU’s network I regularly get download speeds of 2MB/s and higher.)
random things take forever to open, or never open at all. (maybe this is due to the
hard resets, or because I’m running updates, or the hard resets during the update downloads).
Choosing a screensaver also just crashed the computer (it looks like anything that uses the videocard crashes this thing)
and when I brought the computer back up from crashing AGAIN, I couldn’t get wifi to work without toggling the wireless radio power switch on the laptop. (there aren’t any network managers that can do anything while the automagic network selector is running, and I don’t have any clue how to do anything with that)

Anyway, I’m going to bed and letting the update run overnight, hopefully I’ll wake up to a better functioning operating system. (OOTB version 2008.05 is unusable in my opinion.)

UPDATE: unfortunately, when I was playing around with the screensavers that crashed my computer, I somehow enabled one, and since that screensaver crashes my computer, I can’t open the screensaver selection menu to change/remove it, and none of the updates installed. This is just a mess, I’m going to try to download the 2008.11 version and install that.

ATP EarthDrive Review

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I forgot to mention this the day it actually  got posted, but my review of the ATP EarthDrive is available now at http://maximumcpu.net.

I can’t post the full review here due to the draconian publishing agreement that Nick forces on his review slaves, but here is what I can say:

The EarthDrive is a biodegradeble USB flash drive.  I liked the drive, it is very small, waterproof, pretty sturdy (except for it’s glossy finish) and fun to take apart.

The EarthDrive Dissected and Still Working

The EarthDrive Dissected and Still Working

here is the official excerpt, and a link to the full review:


The ATP Earth Drive is a “green” option in the realm of previously environmentally harmful computer accessories. It wasn’t too long ago that nearly every component of computers was fulled with toxins that could potentially hurt the planet if not disposed of properly. This USB flash drive compensates for these with a biodegradable PLA (a kind of plastic that can be made from corn) plastic casing, and a very small form factor. The components of the flash media are completely encapsulated, like one of the coin-sized flash drives or a micro SD card, so the flash drive is water and dust-proof, and it is resistant to some physical trauma. ATP also donates a portion of all EarthDrive sales to American Forests, which plants trees.

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Kolobags Shoreline Greensmart Laptop Jacket Review

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I wrote a review of the Shoreline Greensmart Laptop Jacket from Kolobags for Maximumcpu.com, and it was published this morning. Here is an exerpt from it:

“Kolobags (based in LA, California) produces and sells many different styles of designer laptop bags. While many of the upper end bags they sell may be expensive, they do have bags for every price range, and all of them are very unique. The bag I got to review was the Shoreline Greensmart Laptop Jacket 15.4”, in black and green.”

I can’t post the full review here, but to read the rest of it follow this link:

Kolobags Shoreline Greensmart Laptop Jacket Review @ MaximumCPU

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